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</noinclude> Gabriel 'GAB' Fonseca is the associate producer and scientific advisor for The Sojourn.[1]


Gabriel is an Astronomy student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a member of the Minerva Rockets Rocketry Team, which was awarded the Rick Maschek Award for Engineering Excellence at the Latin America Space Challenge 2019.

The Sojourn[]

An avid follower to the original announcement of the series, Gabriel had designed and submitted the blueprints and concepts for a spacecraft in The Sojourn. Impressed by the details and his qualifications, the production team had decided to bring him in as a Science Advisor for the series and eventually Associate Producer. Gabriel's careful review on all scientific elements in the series such that they would accurately represent realistic astrophysics and spaceflight.

Crew Role[]

Gabriel serves both as the Science Advisor and as an Associate Producer for The Sojourn. So far, he has not had any voice roles in Season 1. He was the guest on Episode 1 of Cast Adrift. He also wrote The Science of Drift document, and is responsible for the initial concept of most of the spaceship designs in The Sojourn, like the Tripathia-Class Third Rate Ship-of-the-Line.