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The Sojourn is an original science-fiction web series created by Daniel Orrett. The series premiered on the 1st of August, 2020 with three episodes, collectively called Volume 1, with three more volumes following in Season 1. As of the 13th of August 2023, Season 1 has finished with 4 volumes, and 12 episodes. The first Volume of Season 2 was announced for a 2024 release.


"Adrift in the divide between galaxies and surrounded by the vast emptiness of the intergalactic void, the Tantalus Cluster is the only home humanity has ever known.

The Tantalus Cluster lies in the intergalactic void, four thousand light years from the perimeter of its parent galaxy, and after centuries of reckless colonisation and a violent interstellar war, the delicate ecosystem of the Cluster has begun to collapse, and humanity is gripped by poverty and famine.

Desperate and facing extinction, humanity’s only hope is a strange nebula that has suddenly appeared beyond the edge of the cluster. It’s shifting clouds may hide a source of salvation for the people of Tantalus, but time is running out.

Our story follows the men and women of the Avalon Exploratory Initiative, a daring mission launched across the void to find the vital resources and territory needed to save humanity. We’ll delve into the complex motivations and drives of those who volunteered for this dangerous voyage, and explore the many wonders and secrets they’ll uncover on their way."

Featuring a full cast of veteran voice actors, backed up by high-quality sound effects and an epic original soundtrack, The Sojourn is a unique and striking audio experience.

Directed and produced with careful scientific consultation, The Sojourn captures every detail of life aboard ship, from the sounds of the smallest airlock seal to the largest space battle.

With each volume divided into three 30-45 minute episodes, The Sojourn is easily accessible to casual listeners, and perfect for fans of grounded science fiction.

Cast and crew

Main cast



Additional voice acting

  • Hayden Emmett-Bird
  • Austin Light
  • Justin H.
  • Kennedy Philips
  • Jonah Scott
  • Connor Louie
  • Kenneth Tynan
  • Trevor Roberts
  • Larissa Thompson
  • Marta Da Silva as Ensign Lydia Telfer
  • Jill Raymond as Research Assistant
  • Toby Ridehalgh as CSV Republic Captain
  • Daniel Orrett

Production team



Originally conceived in 2014, The Sojourn was first announced by Daniel Orrett in late 2018 with a Kickstarter and Patreon campaign. The Sojourn was intended to have an animated motion comic component, with the concept shown in a pilot episode released on 31 December 2018. However, as The Sojourn is first and foremost an audio drama, production instead shifted focus entirely towards it's audio component later in development.[1]

The show was originally funded through Kickstarter, reaching its funding goals by 30 January 2019.[2] Production began at that date. After meeting its crowdfunding stretch goals, The Sojourn production team were able to produce and release further promotional materials, including lore videos on the science of The Sojourn and the nations of the Tantalus Cluster, and digital rewards such as The Sojourn Visual Dictionary and The Science of Drift reference documents.[3][4]

Season 1

Volume 1

The first three episodes of The Sojourn were released as Volume One on 1 August 2020. Volume One is available for purchase from Google Books and Scribd. Patreon and Kickstarter donors received access to the complete Volume One at time of release. was initially approached to host The Sojourn, however the production team chose to break contact with Audible in February 2021 owing to unacceptable delays in publishing the audio drama and to its exploitative business practices.[5]

The release of Volume One was followed by the Cast Adrift podcast, which gave behind-the-scenes views of The Sojourn's production, as well as Anthology Shorts to Patreon backers, which expand the universe and character backstories.

As of 7 August 2020, The Sojourn Season One, Volume One Soundtrack is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Volume 2

The episode titles of Volume 2 were announced on 20 March 2021. Volume 2 received a limited early release in the form of listening parties for Patreon supporters on The Sojourn's Discord channel, with episode four, Dust and Shadow, being released on 10 July 2021; episode five, The Promised Land on 17 July; and episode six, Theirs Not to Make Reply on 24 July. Volume 2 was generally released via audiobook retailers on 31 July 2021.

The Volume 2 Soundtrack was released via Distrokid on 28 July 2021.

Volume 3

The episode titles of Volume 3 were announced on 6 August 2022. Like Volume 2, Volume 3 received a limited early release in the form of listening parties for Patreon supporters on The Sojourn's Discord channel. Volume 3 released on 17 September 2022, with the last episode of Volume releasing on 1 October 2022.

Volume 4

The episode titles of Volume 4 were announced on 5 May 2023. Like the previous two volumes before it, Volume 4 received a limited early release through listening parties for Patreon supporters on the official Discord. Volume 4, along with the complete first season, released on 14 August 2023.

Season 2

Season 2 was officially confirmed to be in development on 27 March 2024, with Season 2, Volume 1 being slated for a release within the year.

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